RIP, Erik Olin Wright (1947-2019)

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What is a university?

important defining process of HE by Marcia Devlin


by Marcia Devlin

The right to use the term ‘University’ is under examination in Australia. In the current Australian higher education sector, there are distinctions between providers that may label themselves as a ‘University’ and those who are a non-university ‘Higher Education Provider’.

Currently, the right to use the term ‘University’ is restricted

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Developing a chatbot for mental health in the workplace

oooh bots

ESRC blog

by Gillian Cameron

In 2016, I graduated with a degree in Computing from Glasgow Caledonian University. My final project involved developing a reminiscence application for people living with dementia. From this project, I developed a keen interest in how technology could be used in mental healthcare.

After finishing my degree, a friend had just started a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) – something I had never heard of. Once she explained what a KTP was, I was keen to check out current vacancies.

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